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Prato Cathedral Photo Gallery

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The Cathedral of Prato or Prato Cathedral is the main Catholic church of Prato, Tuscany, Central Italy and seat of the bishop. It is dedicated to St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. It is one of the most ancient churches in the city, existing already in the 10th century and having been built and in several successive stages in the Romanesque style. The churches has a number of notable works of art, in particular, fine sculpture.

The Cathedral is documented as early as the 10th century as the Pieve of Santo Stefano, located in the Borgo al Cornio, the first settlement in Prato.

The current structure dates from Romanesque period of the 12th century, the nave, side walls and greater part of the bell tower remaining from this date. The upper stage of the bell tower was constructed in 1356.

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