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Qila Mubarak, Patiala Photo Gallery

Patiala view of Qila Mubarak Qila Mubarak Courtyard Qila Mubarak Patiala 1 Qila Mubarak Patiala 2 Qila Mubarak Patiala 3 Qila Mubarak Patiala 4 Qila Mubarak Patiala night view
Qila Mubarak located at Patiala is a rare and outstanding example of Sikh Palace architecture in India.

Quila Mubarak was first built as a kachigarhi (mud fortress) by Baba Ala Singh in 1763, who was the founder of the Patiala dynasty. Later, it was reconstructed in baked bricks. The interior portion of Quila, which is known as Quila Androon is built by Maharaja Amar Singh.

The residential palace of Royal family of Patiala, Qila Mubarak complex is built in 10-acre (40,000 mē) ground in the heart of the city. The whole complex contains Ran Baas (Guest house) and the Darbar Hall (Divan Khana) besides Quila Androon. There is also underground sewerage system in the Quila

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